You’ll Want To Display This AI-Generated Artwork At Home

You’ll Want To Display This AI-Generated Artwork At Home has reported that Chris Rodley used his own deep learning algorithm to merge a book of dinosaurs with a book of flower paintings. The result is a truly magnificent composition that deserves a place on a gallery wall. Rodley wrote in a blog post, “I got a crazy response to this tweet about some dinosaurs I made with the deep learning technique known as ‘style transfer”. In 2015, a team of German computer scientists used a deep neural network to copy a famous painting style and apply it to any photo—like a less trippy version of Google’s Deep Dream Project. (At a 2016 auction, art created by the neural network fetched as much as $8,000.)
Co-creator of Twitter’s popular Magic Realism Bot, the writer and techie encourages people to “try this technique for yourself” via the website DeepArt, which uses an algorithm to redraw one image using stylistic elements of another.

You’ll Want to Display This AI-Generated Artwork at Home


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