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You’re Fired: A Look At The H1B Visa Program

H-1B hell? 60 minutes ran a story tonight on the H1B Visa program. It shows how workers were forced to train their own replacements from foreign countries. Some clips and excerpts: At Harrison’s company, UCSF Medical, admins say outsourcing could save taxpayers $30 mill over 5 years. But that’s no comfort for Harrison. Harrison would get paid through Feb. with a bonus if … he trained his replacement. In Oct., engineer Robert Harrison was fired along with 80 of his colleagues. Their jobs were being outsourced to India. — Sara Blackwell reps hundreds of workers who were fired in favor of foreign workers with H1B visas, which she says, “should offend everyone.”

The H1-B Visa was created in 1990 to help the US attract the best foreign grads and provide a path to citizenship. At the time, Congress promised U.S. workers they’d be protected. Nearly every major tech company, incl. Apple and Google, has employees here on H1-B Visas. Media companies including CBS do too. Fmr. Congressman Bruce Morrison authored the H1-B Visa bill that he says “has been hijacked.” Craig Diangelo’s IT job was taken by an Indian worker who told him he was making half his salary with no benefits. Diangelo says he and his fired coworkers staged a quiet protest with American flags representing each American worker. The H1-B problem got little notice until it caught the attention of the Trump campaign.

Michelle Malkin has long covered the H1B Visa story. She has a question to ask Democrats in Congress: “H-1B hell? Michelle Malkin asks what the MSM won’t about Pakistani IT staff in criminal probe.” — Some Senators have questions as well: ChuckGrassley: “If u just saw CBS 60 Minutes abt ripoff H1B visa program is replacing AmWorkers u shld know my/Durbin bill will correct this injustice.” – “If u want a real expert on fixing H1B a former staffer of mine just moved to HomelandSecurity Call my office I will tell WHO SHE IS.” — Senator Dick Durbin: “Tonight, 60 Minutes sheds light on serious issue of H-1B visa abuse. Top recipients of H-1B visas are companies that ship jobs overseas.” – “Pres Trump promised to protect American workers by cracking down on H-1B visa abuse. Instead he’s pursued cruel, un-American immig policies – I called on Pres Trump to protect US workers& stop H-1B abuse before annual visa lottery in April. Still no response.”

60 Minutes investigates how some businesses have fired American workers and replaced them with cheaper labor: temporary, foreign workers with H-1B visas. Bill Whitaker reports.

YouTube: Michelle Malkin Asks About The H1B Visa Program, Pakistani IT Staff In Criminal Probe
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